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Evi Tsana, was born in Athens, Greece in 1973.


    In 1993-1995 she studied Interior Design in Athens, and took her first painting lessons with the artist Antigoni Maraki, and the painter Periklis Goulakos.

 In 1996-1999 she went to Florence Italy, where she took lessons of Progettazione d’ Interni,  Arredamento and  History of  Art.

    In 1997 she was one of the artists, starting the first Finikas Festival in Crete.

    Between 2000-2010 she worked as an interior designer, in Crete. At the same time she keeps on painting, experimenting new materials and forms, and sculpturing stone and metal.

     In 2010 she made her first personal exhibition “Going-Under” where she is trying to answer the question “where our deep and hidden desires go, when we don’t realize them?”. Artworks of that exhibition went in Ukraine in the “AthensArt Odessa/Ukraine” (18/7-3/8/2013) and in “AthensArt Izmail/Ukraine” (15/5-15/6/2012)

   At the same year, she participates in the collective exhibition “4 in Colors”.

  The 2010-2012 period she took lessons on VISUAL ARTS CRETE under the guidance of Tim Saville and Janice Hunter.

    In 2012-2013 she follows a course of incision in Milan, in Gigi Pedroli’s Centro del incisione.

    In 2013 she creates the “Ides-Color your holidays” project, a simple idea that put together card postals and color books.

    In 2014 she participates in the collective exhibition “Light borders - Blessed darkness” where her theme was Alladin’s Cave, the different points of view, and what the real precious things are.

   In March 2015, she becomes part of the M-WAM artist’s network in Milan, and she participates, in April of the same year, in the exhibition - workshop “MILANO CITTA’ MONDO” in “La Fabbrica del Vapore.”


In May 2015 she participates in a collective exhibition in Spazio Nour, Milano, under the title “ARTrelations”, where she presents her works under the title “IO, TU, NOI”


Now she lives and works between Milan and Crete.

Via Antonio Pacinoti 6, Milano 20136 Italia