color your holidays and... send to a friend !


Welcome to


“ides”, have you seen?


The project ides is a new interpretation of two of the most favorite concepts of our holidays.

Color pages books and card postals.


In every thematic envelope you can find: 12 pages to color + 12 color pencils +1 page of instructions + 1 clip to make stand your “paper airplane”.


The 12 cards, ready to be colored and customized by "young explorers" without age limit, recall the places, images, flavors and the “feel” of the place of your holidays.


Our envelope can be re-used. Put your personal cart postal/s in, and send them to a friend by the traditional way of send a postcard... With stamps and post boxes!!


Inside of the envelope is also a "how to" page (User' s manual) to play with, by folding it and create the form of our paper airplane!


So, relax, play, and share the color of your holidays!!





Via Antonio Pacinoti 6, Milano 20136 Italia